High Gloss Resin Diamond Polishing Pad

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These thin and flexible diamond pads are designed for use on wavy and uneven concrete floors that have low/high spots which most diamond tools cannot reach. We recommend using these pads on heavy rotary machines or heavy three phase planetary grinders; they do require more than 135Kg head weight to get the best results from them.

Please do not confuse our premium tools with cheaper alternatives!

We have incorporated a thin layer of rubber between the resin diamond layer and the velcro backing to allow a good 2-3mm of flex. This can be further enhanced by using a foam riser beneath the pad.

Their blend of specialist resins and diamond particles produce an incredibly high gloss, high clarity finish that is hard to replicate. They can be used on pretty much any floor polisher, but are optimally designed to work on counter rotating machines and heavy planetaries.

These diamond resin polishing pads flex into low spots better than rigid pads and cut quickly at optimal levels at all times.

  • Available in grit sizes: 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000
  • 3" 75mm velcro backed tool.
  • 3mm Thick resin diamond blend
  • RPM: 800-1500
  • Use: Dry
  • For: Concrete Floors

PROtip: A very useful tool if you want to cream polish a wavy floor with a planetary floor machine.