PROhard [Ex] Concrete Densifier For Medium to Hard Concrete Floors

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CARRcrete PROhard [Ex] for medium to hard concrete floors is the ultimate in high strength multi nano silicate densifiers. The Ex version is formulated for floors that are rated Mohs 5 or higher and for medium to hard concrete.

PROhard densifies, hardens and internally seals concrete, terrazzo and cement based overlays.

We use this mulit nano densifier on all of our polished concrete projects. The use of CARRcrete PROhard EX increases the gloss, strength and clarity of the polished surface, no project should be without it.

Our advanced multi silicate densifier is very easy to use and reacts instantly with the free lime within the surface to produce a much more abrasion resistance surface.

When used for polished concrete, simply apply liberally to keep the surface wet for 30 minutes, moving wet areas into dry areas and leave to dry. As soon as the surface is dry, you can proceed with your next set of diamond pads.

  • Concentrated high strength formula
  • Rapid drying, rapid hardening action
  • Increases surface hardness and abrasion resistance
  • Strengthens weak concrete surfaces
  • Begins internally sealing the concrete surface

Available in 5 Litre containers.

PROtip: Always ensure the surface is fully saturated with product and kept wet for 30 minutes, then watch the magic begin.